Welcome to the Stillpoint…

“Let the waters settle, and you will see the moon and the stars in your being.” – Rumi

The Alchemical Body

This is the stillpoint – the sacred pause. The natural step in the universal rhythm of movement-stillness-movement. This place of stillness tends to be forgotten in a world that rewards constant movement. Yet the place of stillness is so rich in potential.


Coming to stillness is essential to follow the flow of health. In stillness there is a great reset in the nervous system. In stillness there is a rest, a reset, a place where something new can emerge.

A new pattern.

A new expression.

A new possibility.

Soma – the sacred body. A place of wonder, mystery and incredible intelligence. We breathe, yet we are also being breathed at the same time. There is so much that can be explored here. An invitation to a deeper intimacy with ourselves and our environment.

I feel that health goes beyond just the elimination of our symptoms. True health is our ability to integrate our wholeness and come into relationship with it. To dance with the joy, the pain, the familiar, and the unknown – to go full spectrum with our capacity and hold or challenges as well as our resources – to get curious and look closer at where those symptoms may be coming from. 

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I invite you to learn more about me here…  

Pamela McFadden, LMT


After 22 years of living and working in Evergreen, I have moved to Frisco, CO.  I am excited about the new services I will be offering, but the process does take a little time. This website is currently under construction as I make my transition so please check back frequently to see how it all unfolds!